Clean Air Professional - We use air purifiers and filters with the latest filter technology in our restaurant and breakfast room. The air filter system is also equipped with a special filter, which is also used in sterile and clean room environments. Our air filters (according to DIN 1946) achieve a separation efficiency of 99.95% against microparticles. This also applies to viruses such as the cornavirus and influenza viruses.

Not only is the coronavirus a threat to our health, the increasingly frequent and prolonged waves of influenza disease also make the use of an air filter system particularly useful. Constant air purification offers protection against infections, especially in closed rooms in which many people from different areas of origin meet or come together on a regular basis
The air filter system was equipped with an additional and special filter especially for virus-free breathing. This filter is used to separate suspended matter and filter it out of the ambient air. A pleasant, soothing indoor climate is created and the humidity is also regulated. The air we breathe is charged with ions and promotes general wellbeing.

As part of our extended protection and hygiene measures, we have acquired several of these modern air filter systems, which are used in common rooms.

Read more about our hygiene measure and the current processes and regulations in the house.

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